ELECTRIC FOUNTAIN, 2008 – Worksheet
Electric Fountain as a structure and electrical installation was initially tested, approved and certified by TÜV Rheinland Industrie Service GmbH, Cologne, Germany according the following standards:

DIN 4112 non-permanent structures; structural design, construction and operation
DIN 13814 fairground and amusement park machinery and structures Eurocode 3: DIN EN 1993–1–1; 2005–07

Electrical system and installation:
VDE 0100

Electro-magnetic compatibility
EN 55022: 1988 + A1: 2000 + A2: 2003, class A
FCC 47 CFR Ch.1 Part 15 2007–09–20

The electrical system is designed for a main power supply of 120V / 60H / 150 Amps. This main power has to be locally provided.

Before setting up operation an initial electrical test according VDE 0100 part 610 and if requested also related to local requirements must take place including all prescribed test-charts.

Installation guide:
Electric Fountain is packed in three 40-foot sea containers. Without knowing all specifications, regulations of, and site conditions in situ of a place of exhibition it does not make sense to give a define information regarding the way of delivery of all equipment serving the site.

In general there are two main options:
(i) all sea containers are shipped to the site and have to be placed and to stay there during all installation & de-installation periods, which also means a crane for unloading / loading the containers from a truck has to provided
(ii) all sea containers are shipped to a specialized store, where they can be unpacked and where immediately after arrival all components can be checked regarding any transport damage, especially broken neon tubes. That way the site will be served by multi-deliveries and pick up of crates as needed and on time
Option (ii) is preferable.

The installation in a public space has to be barricaded and during all installation periods a 7 / 24 security service has to be provided.

diameter: 10,60m => 34' 9 3/8"
height: 10,72m => 35' 2"
number of LED: 3390, 12V controlled low voltage system
length of neon: 527m, 5000V high Voltage system
weight: 25800 kg => 56879 lbs
transmitted to the ground by 47 adjustable feet
calculated max load / foot incl. wind-, snow-load, safety addition
18KN => 1835kg => 4045 lbs

Power supply:
operating consumption: max 18 KW/h
3 phases + neutral + ground
120V 60H
max. 150 Amps

supply-line: cable 5 x 502mm (AWG 1)

phase to phase 240V
phase to neutral 120V
phase to ground 120V

phase 1 – 45Amps
phase 2 – 45Amps
phase 3 – 42Amps

max. 150 Amps

Site conditions:
required area for Electric Fountain at final position
15m x 15m (49' 2 1/2" x 49' 2 1/2")
required area for storing and crane min
15m x 25m (49' 2 1/2" x 82' 1/4")
required area for assembly (Electric Fountain area included)
15m x 20,5m (49' 2 1/2" x 67' 3 1/8")

Packing and transport:
three 40-feet sea containers
dimensions: LBH 12,19m x 2,44m x 2,59m (40' x 8' x 8' 6")

two transport racks (10 inner beams each)
LBH 5,70 x 1,10m x 2,30m (18' 8" x 3' 7" x 7' 6") approx. 3,5t (7700 lbs)

four transport racks (6 outer beams each)
LBH 6,30m x 1,15m x 2,30m (20' 8" x 3' 9" x 7' 7") approx 2,5t (5500 lbs)

four transport racks (5 pieces level 1 each)
LBH 2,50m x 0,90m x 2,00m (8' 3" x 2' 11" x 6' 7) approx 700Kg (1550 lbs)

four transport racks (4 pieces level 2 each)
LBH 1,90m x 0,90m x 2,30m (6' 3" x 2' 11 x 7' 7") approx 500Kg (1100lbs)

four transport racks (3 pieces level 2 each)
LBH 2,70m x 0,90m x 1,60m (8' 10" x 2' 11" x 5' 3") approx 400Kg (900lbs)
1 transport rack (6 pieces level 4)
LBH 3,50m x 0,90m x 2,20m (11' 6" x 2' 11" x 7' 3") approx 750 Kg (1650 lbs)

1 pallet (rings of all levels )
LBH 2,20m x 2,20m x 0,80m (7' 3" x 7' 3" x 2' 8") approx 1500 Kg (3300 lbs)

other palettes with basis / substructure elements / shoring / basis cover / electrical components / tools / screws / small parts

Local services at site:
Electrician / electrical engineer
• to provide main power supply
• initial test and report if required

• custom made plywood underlay under each foot for levelling
• custom made plywood cover from basis to ground
• plywood for floor protection if necessary

Equipment, light
• two hand jacks
• two 12–15-feet ladders
• 110V / 60Hz or 220 / 50Hz power supply for hand tools

Equipment, heavy
forklift 5t (11000lbs) to move heavy crates and to arrange pallets and elements (day 1–8 of installation / day 1–6 of dismantling)

light crane to lift elements for assembly
(day 2–7 of installation / day 2–4 of dismantling)
max. load 2500kg (5500lbs) at min hook height 10m (33') and min operating range of 8m
and max load 300kg (660lbs) at min hook height 15m (50') and min operating range of 15m (50')

heavy crane (Day 7 of installation / Day 2 of dismantling):
to pick 'crown' in one load 8,5t (19000lbs)
min hook height 25m above the centre of the fountain
e.g. mobile crane 120t (265000lbs)

Installation times:
rough overview, in best conditions 12 working days with crew of six skilled workers + MHS project manager

day 1 – set-up site, installation of structural basis
day 2 – installation of inner beams
day 3 – installation of outer beams
day 4 – wiring
day 5 – installation of layer 1 and 2
day 6 – installation of layer 3 and 4
day 7 – wiring of crown / lifting of crown
day 8 – testing of electrical system
day 9 – covering of basis
day 10 – balustrade
day 11 – final testing, reports, programming control
day 12 – cleaning the site, acceptance and operation

Dismantling times:
rough overview, in best conditions 8 working days with crew of six skilled workers + MHS project manager

day 1 – set-up site, dismantling of balustrade and basis
day 2 – picking of crown dismantling of crown
day 3 – dismantling of outer beams
day 4 – dismantling of inner beams
day 5 – dismantling of basis
day 6 – final packing, clearing of the site
day 7 – control of whole equipment, packing sea containers
day 8 – packing sea containers, sealing

A define installation planning and cost estimation is possible after a first site meeting.

The installation needs a local key-person responsible for technical co-ordination and communication.

For the overall success of the exhibition on time of its opening please note:

• the whole equipment should arrive at a local storage at least 4 weeks before starting the actual installation, to being able to properly check on all elements (first of all the neon tubes) after the shipment and to have enough time to being able to rework possible damages.

• the overall period for the installation should not be less than three weeks, providing some reasonable extra time in case the electrical system / lighting control needs some time for clearance