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Arken Museum

Gagosian Gallery

Louisa Guinness Gallery

The Vinyl Factory.
Artworks and the Punk influence behind their Nihilistic Optimistic show, 2012.

Feet Painting, 2013
Feet painting of Two Sedated Figures at the Dirty House, London, UK.

Turning Trash into Shadow Art, 2005
Monument to Now, Nea Ionia
exhibition space. © Reserve Channel (published 2014)

Portraits from the Bottom Up, 2013
© Other Criteria, London

In Search of Imperfection, 2013
Arken Editions & Edition Copenhagen, Denmark. © Louisiana Channel, Louisiana Museum of Modern Art

Nihilistic Optimistic, 2012
Blain|Southern, Hanover Sq, London, UK
Video by Adam & Tree Carr

Nihilistic Optimistic, 2012
Blain|Southern, Hanover Sq, London, UK

Art in the East End, 2012
Hunger TV, The Dirty House, London, UK

Freude von Freuden, 2012
Artist discussion, The Dirty House, London, UK

Hunters & Gatherers:
The Art of Assemblage
, 2011
Artist discussion, Southeby's,
New York, U.S.

Interview with the Artists, 2009
A ZCZ film on Statuephilia at the British Museum, London, UK.

20 Modern Classics, 2009
Studying Exposition Images from Triumph Gallery, Moscow, Russia

YE$, 2001.
Music video by Jay-Z performing
Blue Magic.

Electric Fountain, 2008
Rockefeller Plaza, NY, U.S.

Arken Prize, 2007
Interview with Tim Noble & Sue Webster

Sacrificial Heart, 2007
Gagosian Gallery, London, UK

Polymorphous Perverse, 2006
The Dirty House, London, UK

Polymorphous Perverse , 2006
Dietch Projects, NY, U.S.

Commercial Break, 2002
BBC ArtZone project

Tim Noble & Sue Webster

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